We’re more than a recruiting firm, we’re an extension of your team, bringing over 75 years of proven collective success.

We’ve built and grown businesses of our own and bring an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities before you. Our go-to-market approach pairs sector experts with first-class talent acquisition professionals. We advise on overall strategy and deliver a tailor-made team designed to thrive in today’s marketplace.


The Pillars of Our Success

We Pivot at the Speed of Business

Today more than ever, success hinges on an ability to be flexible and nimble. A clear, long-term strategy is critical for success, but when situations are shifting rapidly, it’s equally important to be able to call an audible. Our team straddles this line deftly and with ease.

We’ve Been in Your Shoes

We broke the mold of the old-school recruitment firm and put it back together for today’s needs. Our subject matter experts drive the recruitment process, looking beyond the resume and the interview to identify the unicorns you seek. We pride ourselves in going beyond the ask to find candidates that are exactly what you need.

Opportunity for All

When assessing talent for our own team and clients, we evaluate candidates based on their experiences and unique skills they bring to the role. That said, we believe a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to the performance and success of an organization.

100%. Always.

We seek partners and employees who bring 100% of themselves to their work every single day. Anything less is a wasted opportunity both for us and our client partners.


Complete trust is the bedrock foundation of any good business. Dealing with Trifect comes with complete faith that expectations set are expectations met.

Client Testimonials

Robert and Trifect Solutions distinguish themselves from others by being genuinely passionate, knowledgeable and professional. Robert and team are able to understand the needs of our organization and what we are looking for in terms of candidates and future employees. He has a detailed understanding of the market and is able to provide advice throughout the process.

The Trifect team takes the guesswork out of finding a quality candidate. The level of understanding they show for roles and candidate matching is unparalleled. I have a profound trust in Trifect to accelerate placing the right candidate.


Trifect delivers a complete spectrum of resources to help your business grow.

Our discovery process allows us to quickly know your business from top-to-bottom, identifying resourcing gaps and creating custom search criteria for ideal candidates. Along the way, we provide guidance and support to your hiring team to ensure we deliver you the right candidate at the right time.

Types of Roles:

Executive Search: As your growth solutions partner, we become experts on your company. Only then do we provide a strategic recruitment plan to meet your organization’s overall leadership needs. We partner with key stakeholders and provide subject matter experts to help determine what the most successful candidate looks like for your needs.

Direct Hire: Our experts meet with your hiring team to benchmark all requirements and create a profile of the ideal candidate, including skills, experience, and cultural fit. Once armed, we will get to work and deliver top candidates from which to choose.

Short Term Staffing: The ever-changing business landscape means it’s important you’re able to flex as needed. Trifect offers a number of short-term solutions: project resourcing, extended leave coverage, or fill-in staff. No matter the need, we quickly identify the right candidate so your business never misses a beat.

Opportunities Offered

Finding the right employment opportunity is never easy, but working with a team that is committed to your success is a great place to start.

Trifect helps candidates understand the value they offer and works with them to identify a place where they can shine.

We have countless success stories—each one begins with our coaching and guidance.

We have access to opportunities unavailable elsewhere and can help you find the one that’s right for you.

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